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August 20, 2009


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this is the only way to solve these kind problems so keep going, and never give up.

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Season's greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and happy New Year!

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Humility. In business there are ups and downs. Taking the top spot from GM was a major 'up' for Toyota. But getting to the top is not the hardest part...it's staying there.

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In everything you do, there's always failure and success. Keep it up and don't give up.


Despite the global recession, some report predicts an increase in the market over the next five years. Although other predictions are more conservative, they too project market growth once the economy bounces back and the economic stimulus policies begin to take effect.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas and knowledge. Much appreciated.

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Producing renewable energy here at home not only increases economic and strategic security, but also provides job growth and captures the wealth of energy production in the communities that produce it.


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